Tuesday, February 7, 2012

menace beach

One of the best skate spots ever has gone, just tiny gaps, low ledges, smoothish ground and more importantly nothing to wallie, wall ride, pivot fakie or otherwise get cre-gay-tive on.

And the place where the best and most important line ever committed to hi-8 was filmed in the only video part where the skater had the good sense to wear nothing but white tshirts throughout.

gino switch flipping that tiny square of sand to MZA changed skating more than the whole of questionable, danny way landing the first 900 or the invention of the ollie.

Before this, it was also the place where natas was busy making skating good while the autistic mongol that stole the credit for it was poncing around on some walls in new york wearing vision street wear shorts.
And now the sand gaps have been ruined, gino has ruined himself and we're still pathetically waiting for skating to get good again.

Then again it was the place where this shit was filmed and rumour has it this cunt is filming again, if the gaps were still around he'd probably feeble the sand or some shit.

Fuck you ricky

r.i.p sand gaps.

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Anonymous said...

"nothing to wallie"!? I used to wallie the trash barrels all the time...